Bliss Shared Luxurious socks made in America. Made to be shared. For every pair purchased a pair is given away!

BLiSS Shared is about getting and giving bliss. The product is a luxurious sock (think spa bootie) that will make you feel extra special...on the outside and on the inside: your feet will be wrapped in comfort AND each time you slip the socks on you will know that you are responsible for giving that comfort to someone who might not have experienced that feeling without your generosity. It's a small thing...but doesn't everyone deserve a little bliss? (Please see our "Sharing" page to learn more about how we give.)

Our original socks come in platinum and gold to remind us of the richness of this life. They are made right here in the USA from fine Italian yarn. You will not want to take them off!

Our Story...

Renee Speers is the founder and CGO...Chief Giving Officer of BLiSS Shared. She has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience in corporate America, but most importantly, she is a very happy wife, super proud mom of three and an empty-nester who has (so far) avoided a mid-life crisis by creating BLiSS Shared.

Renee had the idea while traveling for work. She was thinking about how challenging travel can be and how hard it is to be away from the comfort of home. She started thinking about the things in her home that gave her comfort, and she thought about her spa socks...maybe they came to mind because they are one of the things she travels with...a little comfort from home. She thought about how good it feels to come home after a long day, the pup waiting at the back door...all of the things and memories that make it your slip out of your work attire and into something more comfortable. As she was thinking about this blissful feeling, she thought, what if that feeling became even more heavenly by you knowing that you had given a little of that feeling to someone else who could really use a little love and encouragement. And that's how it began. Just an idea for spreading a little comfort and joy all year round.

Upon further investigation, Renee learned the majority of socks sold in this country are made in other countries where workers are not always paid a fair wage, so she began looking for a solution to create this luxury product right here in the United States of America. We import the yarn from Italy, and there is nothing else like it! People ask us all the time if we could make a scarf or a throw with it! They just can't get enough! 

So, it's a simple story and a simple, but luxurious product, but the socks allow you to feel good and to do good at the same time and we think that's pretty powerful for $30!